René Zimmermann

I'm fundraising for the Kids

Every year more than 950 Australian children and adolescents will be diagnosed with cancer, that’s about 20 children every week.

 Every week nearly three Australian children and adolescents will die of cancer.


 You can help do something about it.

 After a two year break due to the disruptions of COVID-19, in July I will be participating in my seventh Townsville to Cairns Bike Ride to help raise awareness and much needed funds for the Children's Cancer Institute. They exist solely to put an end to childhood cancer through medical research.

 Besides cycling, and we all share one other thing in common, the love for our Children, and a drive to do anything to see that they live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

 While blessed with healthy children, there are many families for which this unfortunately is not the case, and there is nothing more tragic than a parent receiving the news that their child has cancer and there is no treatment.

 IT ISN’T FAIR THAT CHILDREN ARE DYING because there isn't enough awareness or funding.

 Along with the Children’s Cancers Institute, I would really appreciate your support. All donations you give go directly to this charity, so donate what you can and don't hesitate to share the link on your page.

 Thank you for your support to help us make a difference!

 Please DONATE NOW and support my 3 day ride to change the lives of kids with cancer.

My Updates

Alcohol and Chocolate Fasting

Tuesday 15th Mar
Having just registered again for the @tcbr_bikeride I am once again going to fast from both Chocolate and Alcohol until July. Should there be any lapses, I'll be fining myself $50 for chocolate and $25 for alcohol with proceeds to my fund raising efforts.

Though if you wish to share a wine or chocolate, by all means do so, though I will be expecting you to share my fine with a matching donation of your own to my fundraising efforts.

Thank you to my Sponsors



If I'm to expect you to put your support behind this worthy cause, I ought to do it too.



A pledge is a pledge - and there is always a lapse at the start with the fasting - Chocolate x 4 & Alcohol x 1


Tony & Edith Zimmermann

Enjoy the ride and fellowship