Rider Groups

Rider Groups for TCBR

Consisting of 9 ride groups, there’s sure to be a speed and team to suit you.

The Kangaroos will be leading the way at bounding pace of 35km+/hr or perhaps you are more of a Butterfly at a graceful 15-20km/hr.

  • KANGAROOS Average Speed 35-40km/h

  • DINGOES Average Speed 35-40km/h

  • EMUS Average Speed 30-35km/h

  • WOMBATS Average Speed 28-33km/h

  • KOOKABURRAS Average Speed 28-33km/h

  • EAGLES Average Speed 25-30km/h

  • PLATYPUS Average Speed 25-30km/h

  • GALAHS (Ignatius Park) Average Speed 20-25km/h

  • BUTTERFLIES Average Speed 15-20km/h

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