Entry Conditions

Entry Terms and Conditions

The Townsville to Cairns Bike Ride (“the Ride”) is organised by the Townsville to Cairns Bike Ride  Committee Inc. (TCBRC) to raise funds for research into the cure for childhood cancer. The Ride will take place from 25 July 2024 to 27 July 2024 and participants will ride 374km during the course of 3 days from Townsville to Cairns. You and any other participant that you register for the Ride (“Participant” / “I” / “My”) accept and agree to comply with these Entry Terms and Conditions (“Terms"):


  1. I represent and warrant that I have full legal authority and capacity to complete the registration for the Ride and to accept these Terms on my own behalf and/or where applicable, any other Participant that I am registering for. In these Terms, “Participant”, “I” or “Me” means and includes me (as an individual) and all other Participants I am registering, and by agreeing to these Terms, for whom I am waiving certain rights.
  2. I acknowledge and agree that:
  3. I may register online on or before 5pm on Friday 7 June 2024 (AEST). Registrations after this time will only be considered at the discretion of TCBRC.
  4. Registration fees for the Ride will apply. For the purposes of those fees:
  5. An adult is defined as a person who is 18 years or older on the first day of the Ride; and
  6. A youth is defined as a person who is between the ages of 17 years and 13 years on the first day of the Ride.
  7. I understand that I must register for a preferred Ride group and specify a second group preference. I acknowledge that all Ride groups are limited to 28 riders plus 2 group leaders and are secured on a first come, first served basis.
  8. If I fail to pay the registration fee on the same day of registration, the registration may automatically lapse and I may be required to submit a new registration if ride spaces remain available.
  9. TCBRC may, in its absolute discretion and without giving reasons for its decision, accept or refuse any registration. TCBRC will take advice from group leaders and other support crew as to the suitability of any Participant to start or continue the Ride taking into account all matters they deem necessary for the safety and comfort of the other Participants and for the safety and operation of the Ride overall.
  10. My decision to participate in the Ride is entirely voluntary and my own. I am free to withdraw from the Ride at any time if I do not wish to proceed.
  11. I take full responsibility for any consequence of my participation in the Event. I agree to carefully consider the risks of my participation in the Ride prior to participating, including but not limited to the risks of harm associated with physical exertion. I warrant that I am physically fit enough to participate safely in the Ride and I understand it is my sole responsibility to consult with a doctor before participating in the Ride to discuss any conditions that may impede my ability to participate safely in the Ride. Regardless of whether I have consulted with a doctor, I am aware of the risks of participating and voluntarily assume and accept those risks;
  12. I understand that my registration does not include personal or third party insurance and that TCBRC strongly recommends I obtain cover relevant to my individual circumstances;
  13. I take full responsibility for having a bike that is serviced and fit for riding;
  14. I have provided an emergency contact as part of my registration and have provided my emergency contact with details of the Ride. I acknowledge that I am responsible for carrying all required medication with me at all times during the Ride.
  15. I give TCBRC permission to administer or arrange any medical assistance deemed necessary/appropriate as a result of my participation in the Ride, including without limitation, arranging transportation to a hospital or other medical facility; and
  16. If the Participant is under the age of 18 years on the first day of the Ride, I agree that:
  17. their Parent/Guardian must read these Terms and accept them on the Participant’s behalf; and
  18. the Participant must be accompanied by their parent/guardian for the duration of the entire Ride and Townsville to Cairns Bike event, including periods of rest. The Parent/Guardian may agree that another adult, such as a school teacher, can fulfil this role on their behalf.

Conditions of the Ride

  1. During my participation in the Ride:
    1. I understand the Ride involves riding on public roads used by other traffic and am aware of the hazards involved. I agree to use my judgment and possess sufficient competence and experience to participate in the Ride;
    2. I agree to adhere to follow all:
      1. traffic and road laws (including directions by police, road authorities, event traffic management, Ride staff and volunteers);
      2. TCBRC and representative directions and decisions (including emergency instructions); and
      3. all conditions contained in the Queensland Transport and Main Road Corridor Permits and police permits for the Ride.
    3. I will wear a cycling helmet that conforms to Australian standards;
    4. I understand Ride branded cycling jerseys and volunteer t-shirts (available for purchase during the registration process) are mandatory and to be worn at all times during the Ride;
    5. I acknowledge Ride groups are established by TCBRC. Selecting Ride groups upon registration is a preference and may be changed at the discretion TCBRC. This will be influenced by the Participant’s cycling history and involvement in previous years of the Ride;
    6. I accept that speeds may vary above or below the nominated speed ranges. It is expected that the average speed will fall within the nominated range; and
    7. I agree to adhere to follow public health rules and regulations in Queensland and will not participate in the Ride if I am feeling unwell or subject to a self-quarantine or self-isolation period. I understand that completing the Ride in a public place may increase the risk of my exposure to COVID-19 or other air borne diseases and acknowledge that it is my sole responsibility to take measures to protect myself from such exposure.


  1. I acknowledge that by registering to participate in the Ride, I pledge to raise a minimum of $500 by 5pm on 19 July 2024. If I have not met the minimum fundraising requirement, I will not be permitted to participate in the Ride.
  2. I will ensure that all donations are made via https://www.tcbr.org.au/event/tcbr/donate and, in particular, will not accept any donations directly.


  1. I acknowledge that my involvement in the Ride is a potentially dangerous activity and that I choose to participate at my own risk. As a condition of acceptance of my participation in the Ride, I:
  2. waive, release and discharge TCBRC (including its staff, agents, independent contractors, volunteers, sponsors and organisations on whose behalf TCBRC is raising donations) (“the Indemnified Parties") from all and any liability including all claims or causes of action which I might otherwise have (including for negligence) arising from any injury, loss, or damage of whatever kind suffered or sustained by me arising directly or indirectly out of my participation in the Ride; and
  3. indemnify the Indemnified Parties against any claim, action, liability, loss, damage, cost or expense that the Indemnified Parties incur or are liable for as a result of my participation in the Ride; and
  4. agree not to bring any claim against the Indemnified Parties for loss or damages, regardless of whether negligence can be demonstrated.

Intellectual Property

  1. I consent to the use of my name, image, voice, statement or otherwise to promote the Ride in any manner or media worldwide without payment or compensation.


  1. If I wish to cancel my participation in the Ride, I will notify TCBRC in writing at info@tcbr.org.au and provide my name, address, bank account details together with a reason for the cancellation.
  2. I understand that:
    1. Written cancellations received by TCBRC before 5pm (AEST) on 7 June 2024 will be refunded $225, being a partial fund of the registration. The balance of the registration fee will be retained by TCBRC to cover the cost of event expenses it has incurred;
    2. No refunds will be offered for cancellations received after 5pm (AEST) on 7 June 2024;
    3. Once written cancellation has been received by TCBRC, the refund will be processed within 45 days; and
    4. Except as otherwise stated in these Terms, TCBRC is under no obligation to refund any monies or registration fees due to me.


  1. I have had the opportunity to review TCBRC’s Privacy Notice below:

TCBRC understands the importance of protecting privacy and complies with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988. TCBRC collects Participant personal information to register Participants for the Ride and facilitate their participation in the Ride. The collection, use, disclosure, and destruction of this information will be handled in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988. If a Participant does not consent to their personal information being disclosed by TCBRC, they can opt out by unsubscribing or emailing us at info@tcbr.org,au.

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