Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know. What do I bring? Where do we ride? What can I expect? Find all the answers and more here.

What are ride entry & fundraising requirements?

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All riders must pay an Entry Fee of $425. The entry fee for support crew is $200.

The rider entry fee includes well over $600.00 in value:

  • TCBR ride jersey

  • TCBR t-shirt

  • All your meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner daily (excluding breakfast on Day 1 & Celebration Event @ Hemingway's Brewery, Cairns)

  • 2 nights accommodation (Ingham Showgrounds & Innisfail PCYC/Showgrounds)

  • Baggage transfer each day

  • Onsite bike mechanic

  • Support vehicles

  • Full on-route support, including rest stops, sunscreen, snacks, isotonic powder and water

  • Fully signed routes, maps and GPS downloads

  • Pre-event (compulsory) bike safety check with BNG Sports

  • Pre-event organised training rides

  • Pre-event ride briefing

  • Downloadable rider handbook

  • Ride pack

  • Prizes & fundraising incentives

  • The knowledge, support, and camaraderie of experienced group leaders

  • Onsite vendors – cash bar facilities, coffee van

  • Official ride photos & video (distributed after the ride)

  • Discount vouchers with great savings and deals from our sponsors

  • Access to discounted accommodation packages in Cairns

  • Optional bike return from Cairns to Townsville

In addition to the Entry Fee, each Rider must raise a minimum of $500.00 (we encourage you to aim higher) via donations and sponsorship.

During your registration you will have the opportunity to set up a fundraising page with the Children’s Cancer Institute.

Tax Invoices will be arranged by the Committee for any sponsorship package that you broker.

To be eligible to participate in the ride your minimum fundraising amount must be paid by 5pm, Friday 19 July 2024. 

Support crew are not required to raise funds but may do so if they wish. The $200 fee for support crew merely pays their expenses thus ensuring all funds raised go to Children’s Cancer Institute.


Am I insured?

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No, the Townsville to Cairns Bike Ride does not insure riders for injury or damage to bicycles. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that all individuals look to make their own arrangements for such insurance.

One convenient way of doing this is take out membership with one of the State Cycling Organisations (i.e. Bicycling Qld, Bicycle Victoria, Bicycle SA) that provide insurance within their membership.

These memberships usually include insurance that will cover you for everyday riding (i.e. your own training rides, training rides, riding to work), including organised rides but do not generally cover racing of any sort.

There are separate race dedicated club memberships available if you wish to include riding in races.

Some of the considerations you might want to take into account when looking at memberships are:

  • Personal accident insurance if you have an accident while cycling

  • Third party and third party property insurance

  • Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance

  • Free legal assistance

  • Covers you for your State or Australia and in particular Queensland

  • Family membership/Individual/Racing etc

  • Travel insurance

For insurance of your bicycle you can either, contact your Insurance Company and ask what type of insurance they provide reference bicycles or you can often go through a third party when applying for membership from whichever organisation you decide to join.

How do I stay safe?

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  • Always do the ABC before riding your bike.

    • Check there is AIR in the tyres.

    • Check that both BRAKES work well.

    • Check the overall CONDITION of the bicycle.

  • Always wear a HELMET (it’s the law), have front, rear, and pedal reflectors (it’s the law) and a bell/warning device on your bike (it’s the law).

  • Get your bicycle serviced regularly by a professional leading bike shop.

  • Always be courteous and considerate to all others that use our motorways.

  • Wear clothes that stand out and are bright in colour. Motorists DO NOT see cyclists.

  • Make sure that you can maintain the speed of others in your group.

  • Try to carry at least one spare tube, repair kit, tire levers, pump and some change for a phone call. Mobile phones don’t work everywhere.

  • Always carry more than enough water with you and ensure that you constantly sip while riding along. Don’t wait for a break to drink.

  • Always carry some food to nibble on. Remember you are burning energy and it needs to be replaced. Energy bars and fruit are the best.

  • Slip, Slop, Slap, Slam (sunglasses).

  • Maximum of 2 riders abreast when times permit. All other times riders should be in. SINGLE FILE. Always think SAFETY FIRST Double lines/bridge SINGLE FILE.

  • When riding in groups be considerate of others:

    • Keep your line don’t wander too much.

    • Call out and point if you see a hazard. eg. Hole, bump, railway crossing.

    • Call out if the group ahead of you slows down or speeds up.

    • Signal if you are turning left or right.

    • If you are at the front of the group and the light turns green, remember that the riders at the of the group may not make it through before the light changes.

    • Likewise, if you are at the end of a group, remember to keep close and try to get through the lights before they change.

    • Talk to others while riding but maintain your concentration. Don’t be distracted!

    • Stay inside the white line at all times where possible.

    • When stopping, make sure that you get off the road and out of the way.

    • If the speed is too fast and you are falling back, make sure that the message is passed up the line to the front rider.

    • Listen to the direction of more experienced riders and the support crew.

    • Always maintain a safe distance between you and the lead support car. 10-15 meters.

This is a ride NOT a race. Encouragement to all others less capable is welcomed.

What do I bring?

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  • Camera

  • Sleeping bag/air mattress/pillow/swag

  • Wet weather gear

  • Warm clothing

  • Toiletries & personal items (remember a towel & maybe some detergent to wash your jersey)

  • Hat/cap/sunscreen

  • Stepping out gear – Cairns dinner is dress up and enjoy

  • Spare tubes and tool kit (you may also like to bring a bike lock)

  • Painkillers for sore butts!

  • Spending money for drinks etc

  • Smart Casual attire for the celebration event on the final night

  • Happy, outgoing personality and PATIENCE

Small Day Packs

Small day packs are permitted and can be carried in the lead vehicle in your group. Usually day packs should have what you require until you reach the night stop e.g.

  • Tool kit – puncture repair, tyre levers, spare tube and pump

  • Sunscreen – remember to continually apply during the day

  • Suitable clothing for all conditions – this includes cold and wet weather gear

  • Any special requirements/medications you might need

  • Spending money for coffee and the Pie Van at the Cardwell rest stop

  • Any other personal items

How far do we ride?

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Day 1 – 112km from Townsville to Ingham

Day 2 – 152km from Ingham to Innisfail

Day 3 – 93km from Innisfail to Cairns

What will I be eating on the three days of the ride?

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We are very lucky on TCBR to have great support from Lions, Rotary and local Catering Businesses.

There is everything from steak burgers and icecream at lunch on Day 1 to home made pasta and freshly caught fish for dinner in Innisfail on day 2.

Nalda cooks up a storm for dinner in Ingham with the best roast potatoes you will ever eat and you wake to the smell of bacon & eggs cooking Friday morning.

There are also gluten free and vegetarian options available. If you have VEGAN dietary requirements please ensure to bring along extra food items to suit your requirements.

In the cars, there will be lollies, fruitcake, bananas and muesli bars available for you to snack away on during the day.

Is there a speed group for me?

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Of course.

We have 9 groups spread out over 5 speed ranges.

The Kangaroos and Dingoes will be leading the way at bounding pace of 35km+/hr or perhaps you are more of a Butterfly at a graceful 15-20km/hr.

  • Kangaroos 35 - 40 km/hr

  • Dingoes 35 - 40 km/hr

  • Emus 30 – 35 km/hr

  • Wombats 28 - 33 km/hr

  • Kookaburras 28 – 33 km/hr

  • Eagles 25 – 30 km/hr

  • Platypus 25 – 30 km/hr

  • Galahs 20 – 25 km/hr

  • Butterflies 15 - 20 km/hr

Where do I stay?

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The committee have arranged accommodation at the Ingham and Innisfail Showgrounds. There are various undercover sleeping areas. Please note that there is no longer accommodation available at Cairns Showgrounds.

There are also plenty of shower blocks with hot water to wash away the day.

There is limited hotel/motel accommodation in Ingham and Innisfail. If you would prefer to stay off-site, you will have to arrange your own alternative accommodation.

Accommodation packages will be available soon.

Is this ride supported?

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Each group of riders have a front and rear support vehicle.

Your support vehicle carriers your day ride bag, water, sunscreen, first aid kit and snacks for the day.

We also have a bike mechanic on site on the end of each day to help with any minor repairs.

A team of trucks also travels with us to Cairns. One carrying all your camp equipment, the other carries the excess water and bananas and the third truck spends each day putting out signage so you know where your stops for the day are.

When does registration open for the ride?

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Registration is open from Saturday 2 March 2024.

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