Bronwyn Ainsworth

I'm fundraising for...Archie

Yes it is that time of year again where I ask for your help.

This year it is especially important as I am riding for Archie. Archie is the one year old son of one of my staff and he has been diagnosed with a Rare Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor and has been relocated to Brisbane for his treatment.

 We must keep fighting until there are zero childhood deaths from cancer.

Every week in Australia, 20 children are diagnosed with cancer and sadly, three young lives will be lost to the disease. Children's
Cancer Institute is the only independent medical research institute wholly dedicated to childhood cancer.
Together, we can help more children with cancer not only survive but go on to live long and healthy lives.
Please DONATE NOW and support my 3-day ride to change the lives of children with cancer.

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Training day 1

Sunday 3rd Mar
Day 1 training to find a cure for Archie. I am working on the Hare and the Tortoise theory and yes I am the Tortise. I am also melting.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Laine Arlett


Amy Bahr


Claire Driessen

You’re a legend and a beautiful human ❤️ Go well Bronny 🙌😘


Joanne Heenan

Thank you Bronnie for doing this every year, you are amazing. Such an important cause that I’m so happy to support every year you ride. Go well my friend xxx


Michele Menso


Kylie Locke

Awesome job Bron💕


Catherine Stuart

Good on you Bronny xxx