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The Course

Townsville to Cairns – 358 km

Below is a breakdown of the distances and locations visited on The Townsville to Cairns Bike Ride.

(NB : Subject to change)

Note: Unless noted otherwise, all non-meal stops should be kept to a maximum of 15 minutes and meal stops are a maximum of 30 minutes.

Day 1 – Townsville to Ingham – 112 km

After the initial gathering in ride groups at the Mercure Inn on Woolcock Street, Townsville, the ride begins with all groups departing for the first stop just out of town. Last minute adjustments are made to bike and body before tackling the Bruce Highway proper past Bluewater and Rollingstone to a well-earned lunch stop at Frosty Mango. After lunch it’s off to Ingham, around 40km away, via undulating sections through the cane fields. The night is spent at the Ingham Showground’s Hall.

STOP                                        NAME                                           DISTANCE                           TOTAL
                                       Mercure Townsville                                    0                                         0
1                            Woodland Shopping Centre                            16                                      16
2                                        Bluewater Park                                       15                                      31
3                                       Rollingstone Hotel                                  23                                      54
4                                   Frosty Mango (Lunch)                                16                                      70
5                                Francis Creek Rest Area                               30                                    100
6                                 Ingham Show Grounds                                12                                     112

Day 2 – Ingham to Innisfail – 152 km

Following a well-earned rest and breakfast, each group heads off through the quiet streets of Ingham for the big day ahead. Just 13km out the fun begins with the Cardwell Range testing the pre-ride training. Cheers of encouragement can be heard from fellow riders and support teams as riders strive to make it to the top of the range. Victory photos are taken of the groups. Tully is the lunch stop before the final run to Innisfail. Accommodation for the night is at the Innisfail PCYC Hall.

STOP                                        NAME                                           DISTANCE                           TOTAL
                                   Ingham Show Grounds                                 0                                         0
1                        Cardwell Range - Regroup at top                     17                                       17
2                              Bottom Cardwell Range                                 4                                        21
3             Rest Stop at Cardwell Beach Area (Pie Van)            33                                       54
4                                    Bilyana Rest Stop                                      21                                       75
5                             Tully Gum Boot Park (Lunch)                        23                                       98
6                             Silkwood Clay Target Club                            25                                      123
7                            Innisfail PCYC, Pease Park                             29                                      152

Day 3 – Innisfail to Cairns – 94 km

The final morning brings an air of jubilation when riders realise their goal is within 90km. Departing Innisfail through some rolling hills to Mirriwinni, then past scenic Mt Bellenden Ker to Deeral and Gordonvale. After a short stop in Gordonvale the last stretch leg takes groups to the Cairns Showgrounds. There, groups enjoy an early lunch and await the arrival of all groups. Locals stop and cheer riders on the ride into town and a large welcoming party congratulates riders on arrival. Following a formal welcoming ceremony riders head off to freshen up for the evening festivities. A ride dinner is held each year to celebrate individual and group achievements and wind down after a fantastic ride.

STOP                                      NAME                                           DISTANCE                           TOTAL
                            Innisfail PCYC, Pease Park                              0                                         0
1                                       Babinda Park                                       28                                       28
2                                     Fishery Falls                                           20                                       48
3                                      Gordonvale                                           17                                       65
4                       Cairns Showgrounds (Lunch)                          23                                       88