EAGLES Average Speed 25-30km/h

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Simone Marano


Rick Ashton

Well done guys!


Simon And Monique

Good luck Jeff!



Very proud of you and will support you all the way xxx


Brooke Cross


Bec & Aaron Stockdale

Well done Brooke! Such a worthwhile cause.


Kylie Burton

You’re the best! So proud of you xo


Allyson Buchanan

Pedal hard mate!


Brett, Tanya & Heath Trainor

Best of luck and be safe Kaylee


Kiera Durrant

Amazing Brooke!! Wishing all the best for the ride.


Kathleen Murphy


Smith Family

You’re amazing, have fun and stay safe!


Sam Storey

You've got this 💪


James J

This is a start to raise money for our future Children and Grandchildren


Rachel Messer

All the best!


Amanda Palmer

Best of luck


Shai And Raphaela

Great to see you're doing better and on your feet again


Ikeda Family

Fantastic Kaylee! Best of luck on that pushy :)